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custom logos designs

custom logos designs

At Danibydsgn, the letters or numbers of
your name, meaningful phrase or significant
date is overlapped the into a custom logo
design or initial monogram holding
a deeper meaning.

Showcase your unique style with our 18k gold vermeil, engravable coin necklace, a luxury jewelry piece that's perfect for personalization. An opulent canvas for your Danibydsgn custom logo design engraving. This necklace is not just a jewelry but a memorial keepsake that's as unique as you are. This engravable necklace is a significant addition to any collection, providing a personalized touch with your chosen meaningful design and also makes an extra special personalized gift.

engraved jewellery

Danibydsgn custom jewelry pieces
are crafted in 18k gold vermeil,
solid gold or 925 sterling silver.
The perfect canvas for our custom logos,
or the unique touch of our fingerprint jewelry.

as seen in:

gold vermeil coin pendant

LIMITED edition, 18k gold vermeil,
engravable coin pendant necklace.


How long will my order take?

Designs take 5 business days unless the 24 hour express option is selected. Your design will be emailed to your nominated email, ensure you keep an eye out on your junk mail as well.

Jewellery takes ~ 2 weeks for the design and engraving process to take place, shipping times will depend on your location

What if i don't like my design?

Mark ups and edits can be made at your direction in the case your design isn't alined to your expectation. New designs with new or alternate letters or words are not provided in replacement.

Limit of letters in a single symbol?

There is no limit on the number of letters into the symbols however, please be mindful that the more letters in each symbol the more intricate and in turn the less minimal the design will be.