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A sophisticated 'MB' initial monogram white on black background design by Danibydsgn, ideal for a range of branding needs such as logo design, personal branding, and monogram customization for special event marketing. This versatile monogram merges the artistry of tattoo design with the elegance required for wedding monograms and high-end clothing branding. It’s a testament to the detailed work of business logo designs that also translates beautifully into body art and wall art
Close-up of a delicate 'TR' initial monogram tattoo on a hand, exemplifying Danibydsgn's custom logo design tailored for personal branding, body art and tattoo design. This minimalist name monogram serves as a subtle expression of identity, blending and personal branding.   The artful domains of tattoo design, business logo designs, and personal branding. Danibydsgn initial monograms are perfect for wedding monograms, wall art, clothing branding and special event marketing.
A chic '893' three initial monogram tattoo design on a woman's wrist, as she holds a martini glass, design by Danibydsgn, showcases luxurious personal branding and custom logo design in the form of body art. This image reflects the high-end initial monogram custom logo designs suitable for special event marketing, wedding monograms, wall art and even clothing branding symbolizing an exclusive lifestyle or personal branding for body art.
Sleek 'HD' monogram tattoo design on the upper arm, embodying Danibydsgn's signature initial monogram and custom logo design. This image marries the personal branding essence with body art, perfect for clients seeking business logo designs that can also translate into unique tattoos art and name monogram statements for individual expression.  Our initial monograms are also versatile perfect for wall art, weddings, special event marketing, clothing branding and of course tattoo art and body art.
Photo is of a lady showcasing a 'GR' two initial monogram tattoo on her wrist, a Danibydsgn's refined custom logo design. Perfect for personal branding, this tattoo design represents a subtle yet impactful form of body art. The monogram also lends itself to business logo designs and can be adapted for wall art or clothing branding, ideal for those who appreciate the artistry in tattoos art and name monogram elegance.  Danibydsgn's work as a graphic designer is evident, reflecting high-standard branding
A monochrome image highlighting a 'jj' two initial monogram tattoo design on the inner ankle, created by Danibydsgn. This custom logo design merges the personal branding and tattoos art, creating a unique body art piece. The elegant monogram serves as a testament to the versatile business logo designs suitable for personal branding, clothing branding, and special event marketing.  Danibydsgn's work as a graphic designer is evident, reflecting high-standard branding.

Custom Initial Monograms


Transform your significant initials or numbers into a unique custom logo design with our Custom Initial Monogram personal branding package. This design is Ideal for tattoo design, name logo monograms, wall art, fashion branding, wedding monograms, special event marketing and so much more.

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Before ordering your design, please note:

  • Design1 monogram symbol, regardless of the number of initials requested.
  • Multiple Symbols: 2 or more symbols are produced as a series. Price: $50 AUD for 2 initials, 3 initials are also  $50 AUD, 4 Initials $60 AUD (Note: More letters mean a more intricate the design)
  • Delivery:Your design will be sent via email within 5 business days.
  • Presentation:Symbols come in white on a black background—perfect for tattoos (this is all the artists should need). Transparent files are available as an “add-on” purchase.
  • Customization:If you want each symbol designed on different pages, add them separately to your cart.
  • Clarity:   Depending on letters, numbers, and word length, some shapes and requests may not be possible.
  • Intricacy:The more letters or numbers, the more intricate your design will be.
  • Additional Symbols:No extra symbols like hearts are available.
  • Mark-ups:Markups at your direction are provided if you would like something specific changed in the design however the video will not be remade for you with the markup.
  • Refunds:Not provided for mistakes made in the above web form.

Create a unique, custom initial monogram logos design with Danibydsgn   

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