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Illuminated 'BLUSH' logo design for our client Blush Cocktail Bar, from our Business Logo Design & Branding Kit by Danibydsgn, exemplifying premium business logo design and branding. Mounted on a classic building façade, it highlights brand identity, part of a branding package crafted by a skilled business logo designer.  Our log designs are Ideal for website branding, wedding monograms and event promotions, this image conveys a luxe brand image.
An elegant business card from Danibydsgn's Business Logo Design & Branding Kit, featuring the 'BLUSH Cocktail Bar' logo. The sophisticated design highlights the brand's identity and is a testament to the quality work of our business logo designs, suitable for website branding, weddings, clothing branding and event promotions. Danibydsgn's work as a graphic designer is evident, reflecting high-standard branding
A window decal displaying the sleek business logo for our cosmetics client, part of the Business Logo Design & Branding Kit by Danibydsgn. This design exemplifies a polished brand identity, crafted by a professional business logo designer. This elegant branding design is ideal for any industry.  It is also perfect for website branding, clothing branding, wall art, weddings and can be utilized for event promotions, showcasing the essence of a refined branding package
This product image features a sophisticated cosmetic jar and package box with the Danibydsgn logo, demonstrating an elegant business logo design. The branding on the packaging reflects a high-end brand identity, a result of professional branding package by Danibydsgn a skilled business logo designer. The design is also perfect for website branding, clothing branding, weddings and event promotions.  This photo highlights the luxury element of the cosmetics industry and the importance of elegant branding.
An image showcasing a variety of free to use font examples from Danibydsgn, including serif, sans serif, script, and display fonts, each paired with numbers for reference. The diverse font styles are part of Danibydsgn's branding services, offering a glimpse into the custom typography that can enhance brand identity in business logo design

Business Logo Design & Branding Kit


Elevate your corporate presence with the Logo Design & Branding Kit by Danibydsgn, meticulously crafted for discerning businesses seeking a distinctive edge.

This top-tier package transforms your letters into an overlapping symbol emblematic of both personal and professional branding.

It's designed for broad-scale visibility, seamlessly integrating with your website branding, product labeling, and event promotions.

Your Business Logo Design & Branding Package includes:

  • Design vectors as below:
    • Elegant, adaptive logos provided in both thin and thick versions
    • Vectorized black and white designs on transparent backgrounds for versatile application, delivered in PNG format.
    • Black Design on White Background - PNG Format 
    • White Design on Black Background - PNG Format 
    • Vectorized designs in 2 additional colors
    • Design Diagram Breakdown - PNG Format - providing a behind-the-scenes look at your logo's composition
    • Video for promotional Purposes - adding dynamism to your brand's story.
  • Branding Kit includes the following (based on your guidelines):
    • 2 x submark logos/ logo lock-ups - for auxiliary branding uses.
    • 5 x Colour Selection Palette - Defining your brand's visual theme.
    • 1 Header and 1 Body Fonts - selected from free-to-use fonts to ensure accessibility.
    • 2 mock-ups of your logo - presenting your logo in real-world scenarios.
    • 1 revision cycle to refine your Branding Kit to perfection.
    • Options to add on 
      • Additional option to extend your branding reach, including bespoke business card design.  

    Ideal for businesses seeking a cohesive business logo and branding strategy, this package promises to enrich your brand identity. The Business Logo Design & Brand Identity Kit is an investment in your business's future, ensuring your brand stands out in today's competitive market.

    Anticipate up to 10 days for the delivery of your comprehensive design kit, which will be meticulously curated and sent directly to your email, ready for any media exposure.

    Choose Danibydsgn, your business logo designers, for a branding transformation that resonates with both ambition and elegance.