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Custom name logos
Name logo
Fine line tattoo design, name logo design
Modern logo design, tattoo design, featuring overlapping letters, 2 symbol design pictured
Minimalist logo design, overlapping letters, single custom symbol embroidered onto apparel as clothing branding featuring a simple and clean geometric shape
Elegant tattoo design featuring a personalized name logo design name tattoo with fine line details and sophisticated lettering,  Single symbol shown.
Custom meaningful number logo design as a single symbol used as matching tattoos / couples tattoo design. Fine line tattoo, minimalist logo design.
Minimalist logo design, tattoo design featuring a two symbol design. Elegant fine line logo minimalist custom design,
A symbolic meaningful tattoo design , two symbol design used as a matching tattoo / couples tattoo.  Faturing a customized date logo , a unique design  with intricate detail.
Meaningful custom date logo design, tattoo art used as a couples tattoo / matching tattoo design.  Minimalst modern logo elegantly inked.
A fine line custom name logo, tattoo design.  This is a three symbol custom design featuring a personalized name logo and a modern minimalist design with intricate detail.
A modern logo ,tattoo design featuring bold typography with overlapping letters, clean lines.  Pic shows a three symbol and single symbol tattoo freshly inked.
This page outlines the design process for Danibydsgn Custom Logos.
This is an example of a single symbol logo design, white lettering on black background, all that you should need if used as a tattoo design.
This is an example of a three symbol custom logo design, white letters on black background.

Custom Logos


The letters and numbers of your significant name, date, saying or word thoughtfully overlapped into a custom logo design with deeper meaning. 

This name logos package has been specifically created for personal branding such as tattoo design, wall art, clothing branding, and much more.

For Business Logo Design packages visit:

Before ordering your design, please note:

  • Single Symbol:Represents your word or sentence designed into one symbol. Price:   $50 AUD.
  • Multiple Symbols:2 or more symbols are produced as a series. Price: $80 AUD for 2 symbols, $40 AUD each for 3 or more.
  • Delivery:Your design will be sent via email within 5 business days.
  • Presentation:Symbols come in white on a black background—perfect for tattoo art (this is all the artists should need). Transparent files are available as an “add-on” purchase.
  • Customization:If you want each symbol designed on different pages, add them separately to your cart.
  • Clarity: Depending on letters, numbers, and word length, some shapes and requests may not be possible.
  • Intricacy:The more letters or numbers, the more intricate your design will be.
  • Additional Symbols:No extra symbols like hearts are available.
  • Mark-ups:Markups at your direction are provided if you would like something specific changed in the design however the video will not be remade for you with the markup.
  • Refunds:Not provided for mistakes made in the above web form.

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