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A unique fingerprint engraved jewelry piece that features the actual fingerprint of a loved one, captured in stunning detail for a one-of-a-kind keepsake
A personalized fingerprint pendant that can be customized with the fingerprint of a spouse, child, or other loved one, creating a meaningful and sentimental gift
An engraved fingerprint ring that captures the unique pattern of a fingerprint and transforms it into a beautiful and symbolic piece of jewelry
A fingerprint engraved bracelet that is both stylish and meaningful, with the fingerprint of a loved one serving as a constant reminder of their presence
A fingerprint engraved necklace that features a delicate and intricate design, with the fingerprint of a loved one serving as the centerpiece of the piece

Finger Print Engravable Silver Coin Bracelet


This crafted circular pendant is solid 925 Sterling Silver, 925 Sterling Silver Plated, designed specifically to be the perfect engravable canvas for your meaningful Danibydsgn monograms. The pendant holds a vast 16mm diameter with premium depth making it a timeless, one of a kind piece.

Pendant Diameter: 16mm

Pendant: 925 Sterling Silver, 925 Sterling Silver Plated

Chain: 925 Sterling Silver Fine Cable Chain

Chain Length: Adjustable between 16 - 20 cm (6.2"-7.8")

Engraving: All engraving is done in house approx. 2 weeks for both design and piece to be made.

Further Personalise your piece by adding additional engraving either a name, initials or a date on the back of your pendant.

No Refunds:  your piece has been designed and created especially for you therefore no refunds can be provided on your purchase.

Extra Fine Details:

  • once the design is completed, you will receive the design as confirmation prior to engraving your piece
  • if you have previously purchased a design and would like it engraved onto the piece - please just put in your previous order number and your previously purchased design will be used for engraving