Monogram & Branding Kit


In this Branding kit package you will receive the design of your letters overlapped into a symbol designed to be utilised for larger scale uses, like business and personal branding.   Graphically designed to be applied across websites, products and events. 

  • Design vectors as below, in thin and thick logo design
    • Vectorised Black Design on Transparent Background - PNG Format 
    • Vectorised White Design on Transparent Background - PNG Format 
    • Black Design on White Background - PNG Format 
    • White Design on Black Background - PNG Format 
    • Vectorised designs in 2 additional colours
    • Design Diagram Breakdown   - PNG Format
    • Video for promotional Purposes
  • Branding Kit includes the following based on your guidelines
    • 2 x submark logos/ logo lock ups
    • 5 x Colour Selection Pallet 
    • 1 Header and 1 Body Font selection (these will be free to use fonts)
    • 2 mock ups of your logo 
    • 1 revision of branding kit

Options to add on 

    • option to add on the design of a business card

Purchase this package if you intend to use the design for your small business, online brand, marketing material or any media exposure. 

Design Kit can take up to 10 days to be delivered via email