Zoom Personalised Symbols
Zoom Personalised Symbols

Personalised Symbols


READ BEFORE ORDERING to ensure you order correctly and receive exactly what you are after!

This package is designed specifically for personalised use, tattoos, prints etc... the premium package is designed with thicker lines required for branding, business items etc... when ordering your personalised package design:

this is important so that I can create your beautiful design aligned to your vision 

  • 1 symbol means either your word or sentence designed into one symbol as your design 
  • multiple symbols is for 2 or more symbols as a series of symbols
  • when ordering 3 or more symbols there is a discounted rate of $20 per symbol

  • If you select Symbol Per Word - all symbols will be on one page. 
  • If you would like each symbol on design on different pages you need to complete them as multiple "add to carts" in your order

  • For a single symbol if you select additional option and the video - the video will hold both symbols drawn on the same page
  • If you select to order your video there is also the option for your design to be featured across my social media

once you have ordered your design:

  • You can expect your symbols in 5 business days

  • All symbols are in white on a black , if you are after a tattoo, this is all the artist should need, you can request transparent files as an 'add on' to your order

  • Dependant on the letters, numbers and length of words required some shapes and requests cannot be met.  i.e if you have no O in the words you will be unable to achieve a circular shape and if you have a lot of letters or numbers required it will be quite intricate. 

  • I only design the letters and numbers overlapping, not additional symbols like hearts etc etc 
  • Refunds are not provided in cases where mistakes are made in above webform. 

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