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Created from high-quality 925 sterling silver, this pendant necklace elegantly showcases a Danibydsgn custom name logo, intricately engraved inhouse for a personal touch. Not just a keepsake necklace, it transcends into everyday luxury. Also available as a custom engraved necklace in 9ct gold and 18k gold vermeil, it's an ideal choice for those seeking a meaningful piece of jewelry that captures their personal story or as a refined memorial necklace.  This pic shows an engraved pendant on a silver chain.
Our luxury bespoke Danibydsgn pendant necklace, elegantly created from 925 sterling silver and engraved with a Danibydsgn custom name logo creates a personal touch. As a refined engraved necklace and keepsake necklace, it's an impeccable choice for those seeking a custom engraved necklace or a stylish memorial necklace. Available also in premium 9ct gold and 18k gold vermeil, this necklace captures the essence of a personalized luxury, making it more than just a piece of jewelry but a cherished keepsake.
925 sterling silver necklace, with a polished, engravable disc pendant, is the perfect canvas for Danibydsgn's custom name logo. This elegantly simple piece is the ideal choice for those who prefer minimalist jewelry or wish to commemorate a special moment with a unique engraving. Versatile enough for everyday wear, it's also a thoughtful keepsake necklace, and available in premium 9ct gold and 18k gold vermeil it offers endless possibilities for creating a timeless memorial necklace that's uniquely yours.

Engravable Silver Pendant Necklace


This crafted circular pendant is solid 925 Sterling Silver, 925 Sterling Silver Plated, designed specifically to be the perfect engravable canvas for your meaningful Danibydsgn monograms.  Name logo design is sold separately.  

The pendant holds a vast 16mm diameter and loop with 925 engraved bottom of pendant on back. 

Pendant Diameter: 16mm

Pendant: 925 Sterling Silver, 925 Sterling Silver Plated

Chain: 925 Sterling Silver Cable Chain

Chain Length: Adjustable between 45cm custom fine chain

Engraving: All engraving is done in house approx. 2 weeks for both design and necklace to be made.

Further Personalise your necklace by adding additional engraving either a name, initials or a date on the back of your pendant.

No Refunds:  your piece has been designed and created especially for you therefore no refunds can be provided on your purchase.

Extra Fine Details:

  • you must order your design additional to the pendant
  • once the design is completed, you will receive the design as confirmation prior to engraving your necklace
  • if you have previously purchased a design and would like it engraved onto the necklace - please just put in your previous order number and your previously purchased design will be used for engraving