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Joined custom logo design, 2 symbol design joined diagonally, custom name logos, white letters on black background, name tattoo / tattoo design.
Tattoo Design of a two symbol joined custom logo, name logo design / name tattoo. Pic is of the designed tattooed on the arm of a lady.
Two symbol, custom name logo design, lower case letters joined diagonally to create the design.  The design has been used on the inside of a note book cover as personalization.  Grey letters on a black background, spiral A4 book, check paper.
Two symbol, custom logo design joined diagonally to create the design.  The design is white letters on a grey background which has been printed , framed and used as wall art in a dining room.
Two symbol, number logo design joined diagonally to creat the design.  White letters on a black background of a meaningful date.

Benutzerdefinierte Logos hinzugefügt


Die Buchstaben und Zahlen Ihres bedeutenden Namens, Datums, Sprichworts oder Wortes wurden sorgfältig zu einem individuellen Logo-Design mit tieferer Bedeutung überlagert. Der Unterschied besteht jedoch darin, dass diese Symbole diagonal zusammengefügt werden, um das Design zu bilden.

Dieses diagonal verbundene Namenslogopaket wurde speziell für persönliches Branding wie Tattoo-Design, Wandkunst, Bekleidungsbranding und vieles mehr erstellt.

Erstellen Sie mit Danibydsgn ein einzigartiges, zusammengefügtes individuelles Namenslogo-Design.

Jetzt bestellen und loslegen.


        Symbol Designs are charged per symbol add on! 

        🖊️ 2 for $40

        🖊️ 3 or more $30 each 

        How To Order

        Stand Alone - can be selected so that you receive the symbols on their own as well as joined.

        Transparent Background - The symbol as a white and black symbol but with no coloured background - perfect to put on any coloured background for a print.

        The Finer Details

        For the Custom Logos package visit: https://danibydsgn.com/products/custom-symbols

        Shapes: Depending on letters, numbers, and word length, some shapes and requests may not be possible.

        Intricacy: The more letters or numbers, the more intricate your design will be.

        Additional Symbols: No extra symbols like hearts are available.

        Mark-ups: Markups at your direction are provided if you would like something specific changed in the design however the video will not be remade for you with the markup.

        Refunds: Not provided for mistakes made in the above web form.